Heavy Metal Detox

Heavy Metal Detox

Thank you for your interest in Heavy Metal Detoxing and a Nutritional Balancing program. We believe it is one of the most advanced types of nutritional programs available today. This unique approach for addressing nutritional imbalances and correcting body chemistry is exceptionally accurate and powerful in restoring the body’s ability to heal itself, and thereby supporting the body in it’s ability to heal many conditions, both physical and mental or emotional.

Our programs are set up to balance the body chemistry, first and foremost. It is designed to remove toxic metals and hundreds of toxic chemicals, as well, by gently and safely replacing them with vital or nutrient minerals that the body requires.

By restoring the body’s innate healing power, future health conditions can also be prevented. Many people have latent or hidden conditions they are unaware of because obvious symptoms have not presented yet or because the condition is in its early stages. As the body’s chemistry is balanced, the body will have the energy and resources to correct these conditions on its own.

We make no claims for this program because each person’s situation is unique. This same uniqueness is also why a properly performed and correctly interpreted test is so critical. We would never want to recommend diets, supplements or other procedures without one, since each person has his or her own unique requirements. Our metal detox testing shows us what these unique requirements are.