If you have tried other weight-loss programs or diets and have been unable to lose the weight and/or keep it off but are determined to improve your health and well-being, Summit Medical Weight Loss is for you!

 We at Summit Medical Weight Loss Clinics are committed to providing personal care to all our weight loss patients in a friendly, affordable and comfortable environment, and we are always striving to be the best Weight Loss Clinic in the area. Offering affordable, convenient and simple medical weight loss products and services. 

No contracts, no enrollment fees, no gimmicks and no high pressure. Summit Medical Weight Loss is a non-surgical, medically-supervised weight loss center staffed with physicians, counselors, and medical staff here to help you!

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About Us

Lose The Weight For $28

We are home of The Lose The Weight for 28 Plan, our award-winning-medically-supervised weight loss program which includes a b12 injection, appetite suppressants and appropriate supplements - for just $28 a week!


We also offer HCG Plans, Lipotropic Fat-Burning injections, IV Therapy and Acupuncture. Summit Medical can help 

Increase your Energy, Resolve fatigue, 

Balance hormones, Stabilize your Thyroid, and more!

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PRP Vampire Facials


Lipo Therapy Sculpting